If you have been arrested for a DUI, you want to do everything you can to keep your driving record clean. Do not try and fight your DUI charges on your own. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can protect your rights and help you minimize the potential damage to you and your family. At the Giacoletto Law Firm in Collinsville, we are dedicated to helping our clients keep their licenses and lower the fines typically associated with drunk driving arrests.

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The penalties of a DUI/DWI conviction depend on your prior record and your BAC. While your BAC is an important factor, you can face serious penalties regardless. Your prior record is the most important factor:

  • First time offenders: We can keep your DUI off your driving record and keep your license, but you could still face fines and alcohol counseling.
  • Repeat offenders: Our focus is to keep multiple DUI offenders out of jail.

The penalties following a drunk driving conviction are even more serious if the incident led to a car accident, caused an injury, or if there was a child in the car at the time.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, our firm will consider a number of factors in your defense. We will examine your case closely for defects in procedure, investigation and the original stop. An illegal search or faulty breathalyzer calibration could turn your case around.

Our counsel goes beyond preparing your criminal defense. If you lose your license because of a DUI, we will help you obtain a hardship license. This will allow you to drive to places like work, school and the doctor.

Breathalyzer Tests: If you refuse to take a test, you lose your case automatically and you will lose your driving privileges for six months. If you fail the test, you will lose your license for a year, but you will have the chance to fight in court. We will take a look at your unique circumstances and help you explore your options.

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