If you are injured, you often rely on your insurance company to pay for your expenses and losses, per your insurance policy. After all, you have paid your monthly premiums and your insurance company is contractually obligated to you. They can deny your claims or even negotiate poorly on your behalf. In these cases, you may be entitled to compensation from your insurance company for bad faith.

The Giacoletto Law Firm represents clients who have been denied insurance claims for:

  • Uninsured/Underinsured (UM/UIM) Motorist Coverage
  • Medical Expenses and Bills
  • Healthcare
  • Emergency Treatment
  • Disability Coverage
  • Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Costs
  • Property Damage
  • Representation When You Have Been Sued

If your insurance company has refused to pay, offered less than the contract dictates, delayed payment, or failed to properly settle a claim against you, the Giacoletto Law Firm can help you file a bad faith insurance claim. A bad faith insurance lawyer can help you fight the unjust actions of your insurance company. If you have experienced bad faith from an Illinois insurance company, we can help you pursue your claim and seek the compensation you deserve for your economic injuries.

If your insurance company has made an unreasonable delay in investigating your claim, delayed paying out your claim, or not explained a claim denial, get in touch with the Giacoletto Law Firm immediately. When you work with us as your Illinois bad faith lawyer, we can fight to ensure you receive everything you deserve.

Under Illinois law, an insurance company has an obligation to give its insureds’ interests at least equal consideration to its own interests when investigating, evaluating, and negotiating a claim under the policy.  This is due to the unique relationship between an insurance company and its policyholders. 

Insurance policies are contracts and legal rules come into play when you file an insurance claim.  You are “the insured” and your insurance company is “the insurer.”  Understanding how your insurer should handle your claim and what your rights are will help you navigate the process, be your own best advocate and collect all available policy benefits to cover your losses.

After claims are filed, it is common for an insurer to rotate adjusters, which means you will have to work with multiple adjusters before receiving your just compensation.  Knowing your legal rights will make it easier for you deal with rotating adjusters and keep your claim on track toward a fair and full claim settlement without unreasonable delays.

Your insurance company and its employees are required to be fair and reasonable and follow Illinois state laws and regulations. They must do a timely, thorough and unbiased investigation and assessment of your loss(es) and claim. They must work with you to adjust your claim and pay what they owe in a timely and fair manner and in full compliance with the policy contract and applicable laws.

Insurance company claim adjusters are supposed to be trained in Illinois’ laws and claim handling regulations, but it’s often up to you to make sure they’re valuing your losses fairly, offering all benefits you’re entitled to, and following the regulations and laws in our state.

If your insurance company has broken faith with you and not provided adequate payouts, the Giacoletto Law Firm can help you seek appropriate compensation.

You should seek assistance from an attorney with experience in bad faith insurance claims. The Giacoletto Law Firm has aided many clients who have had their insurance company fail to meet their legal obligations. We can conduct a full investigation into the insurance company, revealing its failings in the handling of your claim. With this evidence combined with our personal injury experience, we can help you hold your insurance company responsible, seeking damages to compensate you for your financial losses.

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Steve Giacoletto
Collinsville Personal Injury Attorney