If you have been injured by an Illinois police officer’s use of excessive force, it is extremely important to find and protect all evidence as early as possible so that a civil rights attorney can best defend your rights. This includes seeking medical attention, taking photographs of the injuries suffered, and getting the contact information from any witnesses to the incident. If you are charged with resisting arrest after being subjected to excessive force, it is important to speak with a legal firm and a civil rights lawyer before taking any plea agreement in Illinois, as certain plea bargains convictions for Illinois civil rights cases can prevent you from seeking compensation for your injuries.

People who have been arrested still have all the same rights they did before their arrest. Unfortunately, police officers in Illinois sometimes choose to ignore those rights. Abuse of police power is a serious matter that affects people beyond the victim and their family.  Without the rule of law, the values that police seek to protect are meaningless. Police brutality, denial of civil rights, and other misconduct by police undermine our Constitution.

Police misconduct in Illinois can and is criminally prosecuted, but oftentimes that is just not possible. But in many cases, victims can also hold the rogue officers accountable through a police misconduct civil rights lawsuit. Types of misconduct that could be appropriate for a civil rights lawsuit include:

  • Unnecessary use of force
  • False imprisonment
  • Planting of evidence
  • Illegal searches
  • Seizure of property not related to any crime
  • Assault and battery

In Illinois police misconduct lawsuits, you can win compensation for misconduct by police, loss of your property, and any time you spent in jail or prison for crimes you never committed. Perhaps more importantly, you can send a message to police that brutality and civil rights violations won’t be tolerated in your community.

Together, the civil rights lawyer at the Giacoletto Law Firm will use evidence of the excessive force to uphold the rights of the victim and win Illinois civil rights cases. If you think your civil rights may have been compromised in Illinois, you should contact the Giacoletto Law Firm as soon as possible.

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Steve Giacoletto
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