Do you know what to do following a Collinsville auto accident? Many people are aware that they need to exchange information with the other driver and to contact their insurance company, but there are many other aspects of an auto accident claim in Illinois. Find out an easy way to get your accident questions answered here in this video.

As a Collinsville auto accident attorney, I have been asked some of the same questions by my clients over the years. Realizing that many other people have similar questions and don’t have the answers, I decided to write a book about auto accidents, injuries, and claims. By reading this complimentary book, you will find out what happens from the time you are in an Illinois car accident to the time your case settles or goes to trial. You will learn about insurance companies, everything you should and shouldn’t do after an accident, and what to expect from your auto accident claim.

For a free copy of this book, fill out a quick form on our website to request a complimentary copy. If you have additional questions after reading the book, please feel free to contact the Giacoletto Law Firm. For a free consultation with an experienced Madison and St. Clair County personal injury lawyer, contact us at 618-346-8841 or online at

Steve Giacoletto
Collinsville Personal Injury Attorney