When you want to strengthen your Collinsville criminal defense case or St. Clair county personal injury claim, you may need help from other organizations. Get access to the resources that can help you from our collection here.

Auto Accidents and Personal Injuries

  • Illinois Department of Transportation

    The Illinois Department of Transportation works hard to eliminate accidents and fatalities on the Illinois roadways. On its website, people can find tips to stay protected from an Illinois car accident, as well as information about the latest happenings in road and street developments across the state, which may keep you safer on your passenger vehicle trips or motorcycle rides.

  • Illinois Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Animal Welfare

    The Illinois Bureau of Animal Welfare oversees the wellbeing of animals living or being raised in the state of Illinois. The agency provides resources for dog owners and victims of dog bites in Illinois to better understand the responsibilities that go along with having a dog as a pet. If you were hurt in an Illinois dog attack, this resource may help you with your case.

Semi Truck Accidents

  • United States Department of Transportation

    The United States Department of Transportation provides information about trucking companies, their regulations, and more. After an Illinois truck accident, using the information provided on the U.S. DOT website could strengthen your case and help you to understand the rules truck drivers must adhere to in order to keep the roadways safe.

Worker's Compensation

  • Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission

    The Illinois Workers' Compensation commission website provides people with job-related injuries the information and support they need. Because workers' compensation claims are complex and may be difficult to understand, the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission provides helpful resources to make this process easier while answering your questions. Please remember that the IWCC staff cannot answer specific legal questions regarding a case.


  • Illinois Alcoholics Anonymous

    Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization that helps people regain control over their lives by conquering an addiction to alcohol. If you were charged with an Illinois drunk driving offense or a crime related to excessive drinking, you may be interested in joining an Alcoholics Anonymous chapter in Illinois.