A conviction or court supervision for a criminal traffic violation will stay on your criminal record unless you take action. Depending on the charge, an expungement or sealing of court records could give you a clean history for employment, firearms card or credit purposes.

At the Giacoletto Law Firm in Collinsville, we can help you move on with your life after a criminal conviction or court supervision. Attorney Steve Giacoletto will review your criminal record and tell you whether it is possible to obtain an expungement or seal your record.

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Beyond the court consequences, a criminal conviction will impact your life in many ways. From job interviews to loan applications, many people will ask to see your criminal record, meaning one mistake could haunt you for years. We can help you explore your options for clearing your criminal record, so you do not have to worry about its affect on your life.

  • Employment applications
  • Firearms card
  • Rental applications for housing
  • Credit Applications

Expungements are available for many criminal offenses when people have received court supervision. When your court supervision or sentence has ended, we can help you review your options and determine whether an expungement is possible.

Only some convictions meet the requirements for expungement, and it is not always a matter of the severity of the crime. Some serious crimes can be expunged while some lesser crimes will remain on your record.

While some convictions cannot be expunged completely, you may still be able to seal your criminal record. This means your criminal record will only be available to law enforcement, not potential employers or banks.

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