Have you or a loved one been bitten by a dog or another animal? Has your child been the victim of a dog attack? Dog bites can be traumatic, particularly for children, and victims have the right to seek compensation. At the Giacoletto Law Firm in Collinsville, we have more than 20 years of experience helping victims of dog owner negligence in the St. Louis area and Southern Illinois get the compensation they deserve.

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Dog owners are responsible for the behavior of their pets, regardless of whether or not their pets have a history of violent behavior. The reality is that it is not just the stereotypically dangerous dogs — Doberman pinschers, rottweilers and pit bulls — that are responsible for attacking people. Any dog can cause damage, even small dogs, particularly when children are the target of their attacks.

We take immediate action when investigating dog bite cases, and we encourage our clients to take important initial steps as well, such as finding out who owns the dog, getting photos of the dog and the location of the attack, gathering witness information and making certain to save clothes damaged by the dog. Never admit fault for a dog attack against you. Of course, the most important step for you to take — and we encourage you not to delay — is to get medical treatment for the wounds.

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We handle all dog and animal attack cases on a contingency basis. This means there is no fee unless compensation is recovered.

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Located between the Madison County and St. Clair County courthouses, we protect the rights of dog bite victims across southern Illinois. Open during weekly business hours, we offer evening, weekend and off-site appointments as well. Contact us today for a free initial phone consultation with a Collinsville dog bites attorney.

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