In Illinois, dog bite cases can have serious outcomes. It is vital to your health that you seek treatment right away.

Dogs have the potential to carry fatal diseases, such as rabies, as well as bacteria that can cause dangerous infections. The bite of a dog can also leave a human with far worse damage than may appear on the surface. The shape of a dog’s tooth makes the injury much worse than it appears to casual examination. This means that seeking immediate medical care is critical to the health and long-term well being of the victim.

When a dog has bitten you, your doctor may perform one of the following types of medical treatments to care for your wound.

  • Irrigation of the wound to decrease the risk of bacteria and infection
  • Closure of the wound after it has been cleaned
  • Tetanus shot
  • Rabies shot when necessary
  • Antibiotics

Your doctor will be able to determine the best treatments for you after a dog bite in Illinois. However, you should not be responsible for paying for these necessary treatments after a bite.

If a dog bit you or someone you love, representation from a Collinsville dog bite attorney may help. Contact the Giacoletto Law Firm to learn more about your rights to compensation from the dog owner. We are ready to speak with you about the dog attack you experienced. Contact us at 618-346-8841 or toll free at 888-346-8811 to find out the best way to handle your individual case.

Steve Giacoletto
Collinsville Personal Injury Attorney