A prompt investigation is essential. Over time, road conditions change, witnesses become difficult or impossible to locate, they forget details, and evidence is lost or destroyed—even when the trucking company knows someone was seriously injured or even killed in an accident.
In representing you on your semi truck accident claim, you should expect your attorney or his consultants to:

1. Put the trucking company on written notice to preserve evidence from the accident, the semi truck’s “black box”, and numerous other records that will help your case.
2. Visit the scene of the accident.
3. Photograph and document the scene of the accident, including surrounding areas.
4. Examine, photograph, and otherwise document the road conditions.
5. Get photographs of the vehicles involved in the accident.
6. Research the safety record of the trucking company with the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System (SAFER) and the Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) at
7. Interviews witnesses.
8. Get a copy of the police’s traffic crash report and investigation report.
9. Interview the investigating police officers.
10. Reconstruct the accident, if necessary.
11. Recover cell phone records of the persons in the accident.
12. Acquire fuel, food receipts to track the driver time spent sleeping and driving.
13. Hire accident reconstruction experts to determine the cause of the accident.
14. Hire appropriate engineering, automotive, and semi truck design experts if your case involves manufacturing and design issues.
15. Prepare you for your deposition.
16. Take the sworn statements of the truck driver and trucking company employees such as its president, safety manager, dispatcher, driver supervisors, and more.
17. Acquire all your medical records and bills.
18. Take the sworn statement of your doctors.
19. Have a life care plan prepared for future medical and other expenses, if necessary.
20. Prepare you and your case for trial and be willing to take your case to a jury verdict, if necessary.

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