What is an SR-22 auto insurance?

• An SR-22 is a certificate of insurance filed by the home office of your insurance company directly to the Secretary of State.

How does it work?

• Driver receives qualifying mandatory insurance offense.
• Secretary reports this information to the Secretary of State.
• Secretary of State sends driver a notice of the SR-22 insurance requirement.

When should I file the SR-22?

• Do not file an SR-22 until you receive a notice form the Secretary of State.
• Make sure your driver’s license record reflects your current address.
• After receipt of the mailed notice from the Secretary of State, you have
ninety days to file the SR-22 to prevent a driver’s license suspension.

Where do I get an SR-22?

• Obtain an SR-22 through your insurance company.
• Standard liability insurance or insurance binders are not acceptable.
• On receipt of requirement payment to your insurance agency, the agent will submit a request for the SR-22 certificate to the central office.
• This SR-22 certificate will be sent directly to the Secretary of State in Springfield.
• Upon receipt, you will receive a copy of the SR-22 certificate from the insurance company and    a letter from the Secretary of State.

How long is the SR-22 on file?

• An SR-22 must be on file with the Secretary of State for three years.
• Cancellation of your insurance premium will result in an immediate suspension
of your driver’s license.

What should I do now?

• Nothing is required until you receive your notice from the Secretary of State.
• Upon receipt of the notice, contact your insurance company and request an SR-22 certificate.
• Note: all insurance companies do not write SR-22s. However, your agent may
be able to refer you to an agency that does.

All individuals receiving court supervision for a mandatory insurance offense under authority Section 3-707 of the Illinois Vehicle Code are required by law to file proof of financial responsibility insurance (SR-22 certificate) with the Office of the Secretary of State.

• Individuals receiving three or more convictions for mandatory insurance violations are also required to file.
• The SR-22 is required for three years.
• Failure to do so will result in a driver’s license suspension.

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Source: Jesse White, Illinois Secretary of State.

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