If you’ve been in an accident, depending on your types of injuries and how severe you’ve been hurt, you may recover damages for:

1. Past and future medical bills

2. Mental anguish

3. Emotional distress

4. Pain and suffering

5. Loss of companionship, love, counseling

6. Grief and sorrow

7. Disfigurement/scarring

8. Loss of consortium

9. Past and future lost wages

10. Job rehabilitation

11. Property replacement or repairs

12. Punitive damages

Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, there is no set dollar value for any of the different types of damages in this list. In one case very high medical bills may lead to a very high value of a claim. In another case, the medical bills may be very low, but the pain and suffering or loss of companionship resulting from the accident may make the damages very high. Injury cases are like fingerprints. No two injury claims are exactly alike and the value of each is normally only determined on a case by case basis.

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