Although there are some exceptions, generally your case will not settle or you will not be awarded damages until after your medical treatment is completed. To some degree whether or not your injuries have been fully healed or if you have scars from your accident has a bearing on the value of your case. Two exceptions to this general rule are if:

1. You will need future long term medical treatment; or

2. There is a limited amount of insurance or assets to recover from the driver at fault as compensation for your damages.

In either case, there is nothing fast about recovering damages for you injuries after an accident. Injury settlements or awards are one of those things in life that you should not make too many plans for until you are very close to receiving your money.

In fact, the “deny and delay” tactic is one commonly used by insurance companies to get injured victims to settle their cases for low amounts. Insurance companies know that accidents can put a financial strain on injured people and will always try “waiting” people out in order to pay less money on claim. All the while, the insurance companies know that the injured person’s lawyers are not allowed to pay their client’s bills, loan them money, or guarantee their loans to help them get by financially until their claim is resolved.

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