Yes, for the most part you are obligated by your policies to cooperate with your own auto and health insurance companies. Still, do not think that your own insurance company is your friend and will look out for your best interest. No insurance company is your friend.

The good news is that it is easier to deal with your own insurance companies than it is with the other driver’s insurance company. You can file a claim over the internet with most insurance companies, but at the very least their website will have a telephone number you can call to get your claim started.

If you’re not used to computers, you can send a copy of the Crash Report to your own insurance agent and ask him to start your claim. Your agent should report this claim to your insurance company on your behalf and your company should then contact the insurance company for the driver at fault.

If you do not have an insurance agent, or if agent fails to report your claim because you have not heard from your insurance company within a couple of days, then contact your auto insurance company yourself to report the accident.

Even though you did not cause this accident, you need your insurance company to do four things:
1. Help get your car fixed; or if it’s totaled, they paid for at its fair market value.
2. Help you get a rental car while your car is being repaired.
3. Arrange for payment of some of your medical bills, if you have that type of coverage available.

Unlike dealing with the driver at fault’s insurance company, you need to give your full cooperation to your own insurance company. If you don’t then your insurance company may deny you coverage. If your insurance company needs a statement about the accident, then give them one, but have your lawyer present. If they need records, information or authorizations signed to get your doctor’s records and bills, then you will probably have to give them one.

However, you need to only release medical records and bills related to the accident. Normally, you should not have to give your auto insurance company access to all of your medical records for treatment prior to the accident.

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