Filing for workers’ compensation in Illinois after being hurt on the job is an important first step toward receiving a settlement that will cover the high costs of treating your injuries. Unfortunately, many of these workers’ compensation claims are denied.

For people who try to file claims on their own—trusting that their employer will take care of all of their expenses—getting denied the benefits they deserve can be devastating.

Picture yourself in the place of an injured Illinois worker whose claim has been denied.  Suddenly, you worry about the future of your family and your ability to pay for the high medical expenses you face. While you thought that you were protected, your employer may find reasons to avoid having to pay out to cover the high cost of a workplace injury, leaving you confused and frustrated.

Here are the top three reasons we see for Illinois workers’ compensation denials:

  1. Your employer claims the injury may not have happened at work. Proving that an injury happened while you were on the clock is vital. In fact, you must be able to prove exactly when the injury happened and what specifically caused it to happen. Not doing so puts you at risk of being denied the compensation you deserve for your injury.
  2. Your employer claims the injury was not a result of your work duty. You must be able to show that your injury came as a result of something associated with your employment. If it was not, you may be denied benefits. Surprisingly, this can be more difficult to prove than many people realize.
  3. You did not report your accident in time. Reporting an accident on the job quickly is vital to your claim. In Illinois, you have only 45 days to make a claim. Not doing so in a timely manner puts you in jeopardy of being denied valuable compensation.

Being denied workers’ compensation benefits in Illinois is scary. When you need help from a Collinsville workers’ compensation lawyer, call us at 618-623-4297 or 866-647-5286 to get started. We understand the complexities of the law and will work with you to get you the settlement you are entitled to.

Steve Giacoletto
Collinsville Personal Injury Attorney
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