Common Costs Associated with a DUI/DWI Chargesin Madison and St. Clair Counties, Illinois

Insurance Total Average Cost: $4,500
High-risk insurance (Additional $1,500 per year, required for 3 years.)

Legal Fees Total Average Cost: $2,000
Uncontested plea and hardship driving permit.

Court Cost Total Average Cost: $3,600
Fine of up to $2,500. Court costs—$750. Reimbursements to law enforcement,
towing and storage fees—$250-500. Trauma Center fund—$100.

Rehabilitation Total Average Cost: $250
Remedial substance abuse class—$50. Counseling fees—$200.

Driver’s License Reinstatement Total Average Cost: $580
$500 plus $30 for a new license. $50—formal hearing fee.

BAIID Total Average Cost: $1,420
Installation—$100; rental fee—$80 per month/$960 per year;
monitoring fee—$30 per month/$360 per year.

Total Average Cost: $12,350+


Potential Additional Costs Associated with a DUI/DWI Charge or Conviction in lllinois

Income Loss Total Average Cost: $4,230
Loss of 4 weeks income due to jail or community service, evaluation and remedial
education classes. (Loss based on average yearly income of $55,000.)

Medical treatment for a crash involving injuries or fatalities: $100,000+
Compensatory damages awarded to crash survivors: $10,000+
In-patient substance abuse programs: $3.500+
Legal fees for bench trials, jury trials and civil proceedings: $ 5.000+


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Source: 2013 Fact Book, Illinois Secretary of State,


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