In the unfortunate event that you have been or may in the future be subjected to a DWI/DUI field sobriety test in Madison or St. Clair Counties, Illinois, there are a few useful points to know.

1.  The testing area is sloped.  Whether it be the one legged stand test or the walk the line test, it should have been admininstered on as level of a surface as possible.

2.  The testing officer cannot have known how the suspect would have performed under the tests if they had not consumed alcohol, especially if the person charged has disabilities or some other physical or mental injury or shortcomings.

3.  The testing officer may not know why he is administering certain tests.

4.  There may be innoncent reasons why someone performs poorly in a field sobriety test. For example, fatigue, lack of coordination, prescribed medication, stress, injury, and so on.

5.  The testing officer gives a series of complex instructions in a very short time.  It's may be hard to remember when faced with the actuality of a field sobriety test, but the vast majority of time arresting officers give very confusing directions in a very quick fashion.  So much so that it would be difficult for even those persons familar with the testing procedures.  If you can, as nice as possible explain to the officer he is explaining the test too fast.  Don't be too worried about offending him. Remember, he's probably expecting to cite for a DUI/DWI anyway and besides, most of the time his car camera is videotaping the whole event, so he won't be too rude.

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