A conviction for possessing, distributing or growing marijuana can have dramatic effects on your life. Criminal penalties may include heavy fines and jail time. Additionally, a drug crime conviction could have adverse effects on your employment status. If you are a student, you may face expulsion or other penalties.

If you have been charged with a marijuana crime, your first step should be to contact a criminal defense lawyer. The earlier you do so, the more your attorney can do to protect your rights and minimize the penalties you may be facing.

Giacolleto Law Office has significant experience defending the rights of clients charged with drug crimes in Collinsville, throughout southern Illinois, and in the St. Louis area. Learn how we can help by contacting our law firm to speak to an attorney.

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Defense of Marijuana Charges

We defend clients charged with all types of marijuana charges:

  • Marijuana possession
  • Marijuana trafficking
  • Marijuana distribution
  • Possession of paraphernalia

We will apply the most aggressive defense possible in an effort to help you avoid a conviction for a marijuana crime, or to minimize the penalties you may be facing. Illegal search and seizure is often an issue in these types of cases, so we will work to identify if the police violated your rights in a home or car search.

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